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eDSMB®: Your secure, compliant and user-friendly software solution for managing DSMBs, DMCs & Steering Committees

Compliant, cost-effective DSMB and DMC online management for sponsors, AROs and CROs.

Organize workflows, share clinical data, document decisions or recommendations,  save time and costs in a structured and compliant manner with intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces.

eDSMBĀ® software and customized service solution for online DSMB and DMC management

Quickly and efficiently collect Board Member CVs, schedule meetings, review agenda, send invites, manage authorizations and signatures, file decisions, send notes and much more with Ethical’s tailored, customizable and easy-to-use eDSMB® application.

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eDSMB software features

Data Manageability
Manage data easily with documentation features:

  • Documents Single Repository
  • Documents Permissions
  • Document Countersignature
  • Documents Online Viewer, etc.

eDSMB software features

Efficient Communication
Built-in Meeting Management & Communication Tools:

  • Meeting Setup & Scheduling 
  • Meeting Agenda & Discussion Topics 
  • Meeting Voting, Decisions & Actions 
  • Meeting Recording and Tracking

eDSMB software features

Ensuring GCP Compliance
Monitor and Generate Data Reports in Realtime:

  • Oversight Widgets 
  • Real Time Data Exports
  • GcP Audit Trail 
  • eDSMB Data & Document Archiving

eDSMB software features

Perfecting Process Governance  
From Committee Establishment to Decision Making :

  • Process Workflow Templates
  • Users Role Templates
  • Meeting & Communications Templates
  • SOPs & Instructions

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